When Ben starts to work on a new piece, his inspiration invariably comes from nature. His finished sculptures can be made in a range of materials and can be Monumental or the exact size to complete an interior design, but large or small, they are designed to be life-enhancing and joyous.

Ben’s studio is a converted barn, with swallows nesting above, and with a view across the fields down to the sea. A wing in flight, a freshly ploughed field, a rolling wave can all be the starting point for the elegant shapes and flowing forms that are characteristic of Ben Barrell’s beautiful sculptures.

I am an artist who works intuitively with clay or wax. I sculpt these in my hands and allow the liquid nature of the materials to inform fluid shapes. These 3D forms are the inception for my larger scale works for private gardens and public spaces. Ben Barrell

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Barrell Pebble Seats