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Wave Bench

Wave Bench is a sculptural bench that seats five people. As outdoor seating and street furniture, it is designed to work standalone, or flexibly in multiple configurations.

Wave bench made for urban spaces by Barrell Scultpure
  • The Wave Bench curves and bends and looks different from every angle. This Bench has been carefully designed to offer landscape architects and garden designers as much flexibility as possible. One Wave bench will look stunning. In groups of five or more, or as part of a seating plan which incorporates Barrell Pebble Seats, the Wave Bench will add style and elegance to any public or private space.

    The default material is highly polished Cornish Granite aggregate concrete, but the fluid organic shape lends itself to other materials and the Wave Bench will also be available in CorTen steel, copper or aluminium on request.

    ‘This bench was inspired by the high seas of the Cornish storms over the winter of 2013/2014. I wanted to capture the way the waves lift and fold back upon themselves and drew this sketch. Much later that thought took shape in the initial model which has now become the mould for the new bench.’ Ben Barrell

  • Wave bench by Ben Barrell
  • Wave bench sculptural seating


Public Seating

Product Name

The Wave Bench


Length: 2700mm
Height: 460mm


Polished Concrete as standard. On request CorTen Steel, Copper, Aluminium


Polished Concrete – Granite Grey; other materials, colours on request


Polished concrete: Price to be confirmed. The Wave Bench is designed to work in multiples. Please contact us for an accurate quote based on quantity.

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