Pico Pebble Seats at Cambridge Assessment

Pico Pebble Seats at Cambridge Assessment

9th October 2018 – NEWS, Pebble Seats

Earlier this year, Ben and the team carefully packaged up 36 Pico Pebble Seats in a mix of sizes and colours and sent them off to Cambridge. Each concrete Pebble Seat is cast and polished by hand to have the look and feel of natural stone and is wrapped in many protective layers to protect its polished surface when it is transported. We always hold our breath until we know they’ve been safely delivered, unwrapped and placed into position.

We don’t always get to see them on site, but the building and its purpose are all very interesting. The Cambridge Triangle is the new home for Cambridge Assessment and brings together all the staff working for the organisation. It was a privilege to have the Pebble Seats specified for the outside space where the staff meet and relax. It was an indication of how much the organisation values its staff that they wanted the artistic aesthetic of the Pebble Seats rather than simply specifying conventional outside seating.

Ben decided to combine a visit to the Landscape Show earlier in the week with a trip to Cambridge as he was particularly keen to visit the Cambridge Assessment site and take some photographs. He was delighted to see the Assessment Centre staff using and enjoying the Pebble Seats. Sometimes people think the Pebble Seats are sculpture and that they shouldn’t touch them, but whilst they are sculpture, they definitely are intended to be touched and sat on.

The planting scheme at the Cambridge Triangle is designed to keep interest all year round, and to be beneficial to both humans and wildlife. The Pebble Seats were planned early on into the scheme and their organic shape fits beautifully into the aesthetic of the layout. The Pebble Seats were specified by Grant Associates, who were also behind the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore project.

Whilst in Cambridge, Ben also took the opportunity to visit The Colony, Clare College to see a set of Pendeen Pebble Seats that have been there for some years.. Robert Myers specified them several years ago and it was good to see them nestled deep into the landscape and under the trees.

  • Pico Pebble Seats amongst the planting at Cambridge Assessment.
  • Three Pico Pebble Seats in mixed colours
  • Pico at Cambridge, two colours

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