Pebble Seats


Pico Pebble Seats are oval and come in five sizes and three colours. For outdoor seating, they are often specified to be grouped together in an assortment of sizes. Solid cast from Cornish granite aggregate polished concrete, they look stunning tucked amongst planting or taking centre stage in a design.

  • Pico Pebble Seats beautiful polished concrete garden seats
  • Pico Pebble Seats gleam in the sun, and even on a gloomy day, the highly polished and sculptured surface shines. There is something about the Pebble Seat that makes people want to reach out and touch them. And with the cute extra small Pico Pebble Seat, children have been known to run up and throw their arms around them. Ranging from extra-small to extra-large, there is a Pico Pebble Seat for every size of garden or development.


    Whether you are designing a major landscape scheme for a commercial development, or want to add interest to your garden, please contact us for more information about how the Pico Pebble Seat can work with your design.

  • Pico Pebble Seats by Barrell Sculpture


Standard: Polished Cornish granite aggregate Concrete
Subject to quantity: Concrete Resin
Bespoke Pebbles Seats to order in Bronze, Aluminium or Copper


(polished concrete only; other materials on request)

Pico Pebbles

X Large Pico Pebble 195 x 98 x 46cm 1300kg
Large Pico Pebble 155 x 85 x 42cm 740kg
Medium Pico Pebble 105 x 70 x 38cm 360kg
Small Pico Pebble 93 x 62 x 35cm 240kg
X Small Pico Pebble 75 x 46 x 29cm 130kg


Black, White, Grey


Estimated delivery 4 -16 weeks from order, subject to quantity. 

PLEASE NOTE: JULY 2018. We have a small number of Pico Pebble Seats available immediately. Please contact us if you have an urgent requirement. 

Price Guide

Polished concrete Pico Pebble Seats start at £1,200.00 per unit. Please contact us for more information and a tailored quote.

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