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Pendeen Pebble Seats

Extra large polished concrete Pebble Seats in three complementary shapes.
Watch live Pebbles on the Penzance Promenade

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  • Pendeen Pebble Seats

    The original sculptural Pebble Seat is made from solid cast concrete and polished to achieve the look and feel of natural stone. 

    Barrell Pebble Seats are made in a studio and workshop, not a factory, using techniques developed by Ben Barrell over twenty years of using concrete to create fluid organic shapes.

    Pendeen Pebble Seats have been specified on developments across the UK. Equally at home on a busy site like the Stockport Exchange or the new Dundee railway station development as they are in a private garden or the new RHS Wisley wellbeing garden, the Pendeen Pebble Seat is a emotive alternative to traditional seating.

    Please contact us for more information about how the Pendeen Pebble Seat can complement your design, or call 07970 872435.

    Pendeen Pebble Seats are all extra large and are available in three shapes: asymmetric, round, and oval. and in three colours, soft white, mid-grey and charcoal. They are often specified in groups of three.

  • pendeen pebble Seats comparitive scale and shape
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Standard: Polished Cornish granite aggregate Concrete
Bespoke Pebbles Seats to order in Bronze, Aluminium or Copper


(polished concrete only; other materials on request)

Pendeen Pebbles

Round 128 x 44cm 1100kg
Oval 195 x 98 x 46cm 1300kg
Asymmetric 177 x 104 x 48cm 1200kg


Soft White; Mid-Grey; Charcoal


Estimated delivery 4 – 16 weeks from order, subject to quantity. 

PLEASE NOTE:  We have a small number of Pendeen Pebble Seats available immediately. Please contact us if you have an urgent requirement.

Price Guide

Silk concrete Pendeen Pebble Seats are £2,400.00 per Pebble excluding delivery and VAT or local taxes. Please contact us for more information or a tailored quote.

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Barrell Pebble Seats