• Pendeen Pebble Seats at Tremenhere Sculpture gardens

    Pebble Seats. More than just a bench.

    Barrell Pebble Seats are polished until they look and feel like natural stone. They are the original sculptural Pebble Seats, designed and handmade in Cornwall by Sculptor Ben Barrell.

    31st July 2018 - Pebble Seats

  • Sculpture at Horatio’s Garden, Salisbury

    Horatio’s Garden, Salisbury is for people in hospital with long term spinal injuries. We went to their Summer Drinks fund-raiser on a lovely June evening.

    19th June 2018 - Sculpture

  • Using Sculpture in Garden Design

    Sculpture is becoming more and more popular in garden design. Ben Barrell’s work is inspired by the dynamic forces of nature and is an elegant focal point in private and public gardens.

    5th June 2018 - Sculpture

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