Wave bench made for urban spaces by Barrell Scultpure

NEW Sculptural Seat ‘Wave bench’

15th October 2018 – NEWS, Sculptural Seating

Sculptor Ben Barrell’s new sculptural bench is now available to order. Wave is a dynamic elegant shape which captures the movement of white water as it rolls to the shore. Made from high grade concrete, constructed using Cornish granite aggregate, the Wave bench is robust and functional as well as beautiful. The highly polished flat surface can seat five people, and the textured sides and undercurve add a tactile, sensual finish to the work.

Cornish Sculptor Ben Barrell has been creating beautiful sculpture and sculptural seating for more than twenty years. His sculptural Pebble Seats and his monumental sculptures have been specified for landscape and architectural projects all over the world, from Dubai to Dundee.

Much of Ben’s work is inspired by the dynamic force of the Cornish Seas whose influence can be seen in the shapes and forms he creates. Ben has a deep love and passion for the ocean, which he shares through his work. Wave bench is the latest addition to a portfolio of work which ranges from monumental structures that are seven metres high, through garden scale exterior sculptures, to exquisite small bronzes for interior display.

Wave is inspired by the Cornish sea and in very real sense carries a little piece of Cornwall within it. The concrete used to make both the Pebble Seats and this new work is mixed with aggregate sourced from a local China Clay  quarry close to the Falmouth workshop. The granite aggregate is waste material from the Cornish China Clay quarries and is perfect for the concrete, which is very strong and when polished or cut, very beautiful. The result is a tactile surface that both invites interaction and can withstand it.

I am very pleased with how Wave bench has turned out. I did the first sketches some years ago. I was trying to capture the emotions invoked by the sea, and the movement of the waves. The decision that it should be a sculptural bench rather than a sculpture didn’t crystallize until I held the clay in my hands, but now it seems the obvious choice. Ben Barrell.

Wave bench is made from solid cast concrete, using Cornish granite aggregate. It has a flat highly polished seat, smooth sides and a granite textured undercurve. The curve cuts up on each side and under the centre and the balance inherent in the mirror image design ensures that it is a very stable bench that comfortably seats five adults.

  • Wave bench by Ben Barrell

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